Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I'm not a religious man, but I do find religious themed films interesting now and then. The ones that I really enjoy are the ones where the writers/film makers put a creative spin on the subject matter, like The Prophecy or Dogma.

Thus is the case with Constantine, which is a mix of The Prophecy (the dark religious storyline), The Matrix (the hero coming to realize he serves a greater purpose in the world) and Blade (the serious character development as well as the 'world we can't/don't see').
Based off the long running DC Comics/Vertigo comic book series Hellblazer, the story begins when a Mexican scavenger unearths the Spear of Destiny, and thus starting off a chain of events that pulls down-on-his-luck exorcist John Constantine (Reeves) into a deadly game filled with demons, fallen angels and even Satan himself. While assisting a police officer (Rachel Weiss) uncover the mystery of her twin sister’s death he introduces her to the evil that surrounds mankind every day and how their case might be tied into the Spear.
Right from the start this film pulled me right in with its fantastic cinematography, inventive CGI and bleak tone. Everything that followed was gripping in the extreme for me. I was into this flick from beginning to end.
The acting was solid across the board, even Keanu was good with is monotone sarcasm and always present bad attitude. The direction was flashy ONLY when it needed to be and it was a dark, disturbing and moody affair (something rare in a world of sterile PG-13 horror films). The pacing was good, even in its slow moments when there wasn't much going on it was still interesting. The climax, while some might complain about its slowness, was deliberate, intelligent and laced with a hint of crafty wit.

Not having read the comics this film is based on, I can't say if this is an accurate representation of the beloved indie series, but I can say that this is the BEST comic book film I've seen since X2. I hope there's a string of sequels because I am a new fan of this character and the world he inhabits That means I'm going to be spending some serious cash on some graphic novels in the near future... joy!

4.5 out of 5

*written 2/20/05

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