Friday, September 28, 2012

Tom Yum Goong

This is the original, uncut version of Tony Jaa's The Protector straight from Thailand. I found this on Ebay and purchased it right after reading about all the cuts made to the film to make it faster paced for U.S. audiences. All I have to say is "What were the Weinstein's thinking when they cut this to shreds?" Now there is a clear cut motivation for Tony's character doing all that crazy shit, the cop character is fleshed out and now there's a reason for him hanging around Tony instead of just becoming his friend for no reason whatsoever, the villain's motivations are explained in more detail, and all those seemingly random encounters with prostitutes and such are explored most of the time. Sure it's still confusing trying to figure out who all these different women are that pop up now and then, but it's still entertaining regardless. This version of the movie is the way to go!

4 out of 5

 P.S. To read the review of the American release, click here.

*written 10/4/06

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