Friday, September 28, 2012


Yes, this is The Princess Diaries girl gets nude flick. 4 rich white kids who act like they're from the ghetto decide to check out the real thing by heading into East L.A. Anne Hathaway gets turned on by all she sees and keeps going back to get her fix and ends up almost getting raped by Latino gang members as part of their initiation ritual. It's kind of smart and kind of stupid at the same time. Sure it shows us what you get when you assume that you can do anything just because you're rich and that by being a poser you are setting yourself up for a fall when you come up against the real thing, but it's slow and the two Hathaway nude scenes are mildly disturbing and not erotic in any way.  Still, she has a nice rack.

2 out of 5

*written 1/5/06

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