Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dune: Extended Edition

I've seen bits and pieces of this extended cut of David Lynch's Dune on cable and I thought it was pretty bad. Now that I've seen the whole thing on this new DVD edition I can positively say that it does indeed suck ass. It sucks hard. I like the theatrical version; it's confusing, but it's paced just right and it's entertaining. This lengthened version stretches every needless plot point out ad nauseum with a dull narrator's voice pointing out every stupid little detail that does nothing to expand the story and makes the movie even more confusing than it already was. They couldn't even finish the effects of the newly added in footage (the blue eyes go back and forth between shots) and the new opening montage is told with lame looking storyboards and matte paintings which don't even sync up with the narration. Totally lame and worthless. I'll stick with the theatrical version, thank you.

0.5 out of 5 

*written 2/9/06

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