Friday, September 28, 2012

Three... Extremes II

Another entry in the Asian horror anthology series, but this time it's more akin to Creepshow 2 than anything else... meaning it's lame. Memories (from Korea's Ji-woon Kim) is a boring tale about a ghostly lady who is trying to put together the pieces of her life which she's forgotten. The Wheel (from Thailand's Nonzee Nimibutr) is about cursed puppets that want to possess a child. It's a bad rip off of Puppet Master. And finally, Going Home (from Hong Kong's Peter Ho-Sun Chan) nearly puts us to sleep with his slow and drawn out tale of a crazed man who keeps his dead wife in his apartment hoping that she will one day "wake up". Even typing up the descriptions of these stories are making me drowzy. If you are allergic to Lunestra try this out.

1 out of 5

*written 7/4/06

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