Saturday, October 6, 2012

Date Movie

I like a good parody, but this flick has to be the absolute worst one I've ever seen. Every single joke is obvious and unfunny, the parodies of non-date flicks just pop up out of nowhere that have nothing to do with anything and it's painful to watch due to this schizophrenic approach to the comedy. Basically it follows the plot of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Meet the Parents/Fockers, mixed in with some Bridget Jones' Diary, My Best Friend's Wedding and Hitch, but for some reason there's a Kill Bill joke (that's run into the ground), Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball and more that just don't fit. It's like the writer's had a bunch of ideas, all of them were filmed and then slapped together haphazardly in the editing room. Only one funny line in the whole flick, "Dat bitch be crumpin'!" Avoid it at all costs even though the cute-as-a-button Alyson Hannigan stars. It's not worth it.

0 out of 5

*written 2/21/06

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