Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Eye 2

I saw the import of The Eye about a year ago. It was mainly a Thai cross between The Sixth Sense and Blink. A young blind woman gets a cornea transplant that restores her vision, but she is now able to see the ghosts that surround us all the time. It was creepy, although highly unoriginal. It did have a cool twist ending however.

This sequel, directed by the Pang Brothers (who directed the first one as well), keeps the first film's title but none of the characters or ideas. It is a sequel in name only.

This time around Joey, a young Chinese girl, is on a business trip in Thailand and has an affair with a married man and ends up pregnant. Only this isn't a normal pregnancy. She begins to see ghosts that haunt her on a daily basis,and they are in some way connected to her unborn child.

It's a lame story that makes little sense. Mainly the ghosts want to be reborn through pregnant women in order to forget the reasons why they killed themselves. It's silly to see these specters swimming through the air and then between a prego woman's legs and finally into her womb (it happens a couple of times).
It also doesn't help that its lead actress is one of the most annoying and talentless actresses working in Asia, Shu Qi (The Transporter, Gorgeous and So Close). Man, she single handedly ruins the film with her shrill voice and constant whining. Plus she really has nothing to do in the film other than look scared and to cry.

The film picks up in the end with a rather shocking twist, but then it keeps going and going and going. It gets boring, and we are put through more pain when we get fake ending on top of fake ending (A.I. anyone?). Sure the final shot of the film is a gasper, but everything before that was drivel. It's only saving graces are some sweet ass cinematography and a cool musical score.

If you like Asian horror films (The Ring, Ju-On or Dark Water) you might want to check it out for shits and giggles. I'm a fan of Asian horror and this did nothing to get my juices flowing.

A dud.

1 out of 5

p.s. The original film is getting the American remake treatment as I write this.

*written 8/9/05

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