Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Matador

This is the anti-James Bond flick! While I enjoy the 007 movies, seeing Pierce Brosnan totally throw that image to the dogs and create a filthy, foul mouthed and despicable version of that character put a grin on my face. In the opening moments of the film he tells a 10 year old kid to "Fuck off!" and makes some nasty comments about his mother's weight. There's one thing I didn't expect this movie to be. Funny. It's freaking hilarious! It's about a hitman (Brosnan) who's going through a sort of midlife crisis and while on assignment befriends a lowly salesman (Greg Kinnear). Their two worlds sort of collide and combine into one silly film that's entertaining start to finish. The acting is phenomenal across the board (Kinnear's wife is played by Hope Davis and she has some of the best moments in the film) and it's directed with flair and a certain low budget economy. I highly recommend it to everyone!

4 out of 5

*written 7/23/06

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