Thursday, October 4, 2012

House of Wax (2005)

I rented this one a while back, but I recently felt the need to re-watch it again because I found it so enjoyable. This is how you make a slasher movie in this day and age. No lame PG-13 rating, no squeaky clean characters and plenty of gore. I've never seen the original film this movie is based on, but I don't care to since this one rocks! It has a slow burn build-up that gets you up to speed on the characters (but it's a little long before anything of note really happens), and when the shit hits the fan it HITS THE MO-FOing FAN! Stuff happens in this flick that you normally wouldn't expect in this type of film, from major events to little things that really put a smile on my face. Plus it's actually kinda scary. If this isn't your type of film it's worth it just to see Paris Hilton get offed in the nastiest way imaginable. A surprisingly awesome slasher!

4 out of 5

*written 1/12/06

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