Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free Enterprise: Extended Edition

This cult favorite from 1999 starring William Shatner as himself was a film that I always admired since it starred characters that were a bit like myself... Sci-Fi Geeks. This extended edition adds in a few extra moments to certain scenes and some special FX to amp up the Logan's Run dream sequence, but not much else. It's still the same movie, and I still enjoy it. You gotta love a movie about 2 Trekkies who run into their childhood hero, William Shatner, only to find out that he's actually kind of loopy (his idea to have a full length film version of Julius Caesar starring himself in all the male roles while rapping is off-the-wall funny). It's sweet, often times hilarious (but it does borrow heavily from Clerks) and entertaining. Just don't watch any of the bonus features starring writer Mark Altman. That guy is so damned full of himself and annoying that I wanted to reach through my TV and choke him (I wouldn’t be so arrogant if I co-wrote HOUSE OF THE DEAD!!!).

4 out of 5

*written 3/11/06

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