Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ultimate Avengers 2

The first Ultimate Avengers movie was decent, but it didn't follow the comic book series it's based off of very much and in turn lost some of what made the source material so super cool. It was toned down for the kiddies. There, I said it. This second film, while not following any set storyline from the comics, abandons the whole "Let's pander to the kids" approach and goes for the throat. The aliens have come back in force and have targeted a small village in Africa for their next invasion attempt. Luckily the Black Panther is there to save the day and when the Avengers show up for the assist they end up whoopin' all kinds of martian ass. It's fast and fun, but it still lacks what makes the comic series bitchin'. Some of the main character's flaws are introduced here (Giant Man is a wife beater and Iron Man is a lush) and it's more violent that it's predecessor, but it's still not all that great (and where the hell was the Hulk during all this?). At least it doesn't wimp out in the end when a truly tragic event occurs. If there's another Ultimate Avengers movie I think it will finally hit the mark since they have been improving with each outing.

2.5 out of 5

*written 8/13/06

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