Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nomad: The Warrior

This flick sucked the big one. It's so horrendous that I'd put it at #3 on my list of "Worst Movies of All-Time"; Dukes of Hazzard being #2 and Battlefield: Earth being #1.

If a movie doesn't grab me I usually start to fall asleep while watching it (see The Covenant), but here I actually said to myself "I'd rather take a nap than watch this garbage" and passed out for a good chunk in the middle of the film.
Terrible dialogue (as well as horrible dubbing for the actors that didn't know English), dry action scenes (when there was one), craptastic acting, inept direction and one of the cheesiest musical scores of all time make this nearly unwatchable. It amazes me that people on IMDB are actually praising this movie because there's no other way to put it... this flick is pure trash.

That's all I'm going to say about this one. Other than "What the fuck was Jason Scott Lee doing in this movie?!" Hey, I guess even Bruce Lee gotta eat.

0 out of 5

*written 3/17/07

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